[SAEN]'马刺夫人' Sovia Lauriano 的卡车得到了马拉基·布兰厄姆的签名

By Annasofia Scheve, Reporter | San Antonio Express-News, 2024-04-04 15:03:08

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马刺队后卫马拉基·布兰厄姆上周在一家 Taco Bell 将一份特别的纪念品送给了该队的一位超级粉丝。

这家快餐连锁店于上周四在南区举办了一场活动,承诺为前 150 位粉丝提供马刺队球员的签名和免费的酥脆牛肉玉米饼。

由于 Sovia Lauriano 对圣安东尼奥马刺队的坚定忠诚和为银黑两色制作的各种手工服装,她自豪地赢得了“马刺夫人”的称号。

“马刺夫人” Sovia Lauriano 是幸运的出席者之一,但难怪她全力以赴。Lauriano 本身在圣安东尼奥已经很出名,她从几十年来展示自己对马刺队的奉献精神的主题服装中获得了自己的昵称。

Taco Bell 活动给了她机会在其卡车上增加另一个签名,卡车上已经有其他马刺队球员的签名。

马刺队超级球迷马克·伯内特在 Facebook 上的帖子展示了 Lauriano 和 Branham 在她的标志性卡车旁,两人都手持马克笔。


伯内特也是去年分享 Lauriano 和 Victor Wembanyama 在马刺队训练场外会面的感人照片的人。


‘Spurs Lady’ Sovia Lauriano’s truck gets autograph from Malaki Branham

Spurs guard Malaki Branham gave a special souvenir to one of the team’s biggest fans at a Taco Bell last week.

The fast food chain hosted an event at a South Side location last Thursday, promising the first 150 fans autographs from the Spurs player and a free crunchy beef taco.

Sovia Lauriano has proudly upheld the title of “Spurs Lady” due to her undying loyalty to the San Antonio Spurs and her eclectic handmade outfits in honor of the silver and black.

“Spurs Lady” Sovia Lauriano was one of the lucky attendees, but it’s no wonder that she put in the work to show up. Lauriano has become San Antonio famous in her own right, earning her nickname from decades of her themed outfits showing her dedication to the Spurs.

The Taco Bell event afforded her the opportunity to add another signature to her truck, which already bears the autographs of a host other Spurs players.

A post from Spurs superfan Mark Burnett on Facebook showed Lauriano and Branham by her iconic truck, both with Sharpies in hand.

“This is what we love to see!” Burnett wrote.

Burnett was also the one to share a heartwarming photo of Lauriano and Victor Wembanyama last year, when they met outside the Spurs practice facility.

By Annasofia Scheve, Reporter, via San Antonio Express-News