Tony, the Spurs easily beat Washington (101-93). Any thoughts about this game ?I liked the way we reacted after our no-show against Houston (Spurs lost 73-67). It was a tough loss to swallow as we were never in the rhythm of the game. Last night, it was the opposite. We started in the best possible manner, leading 21-2. Our defense was perfect and when we defend like that and score on the offense, it is tough to stop us. At 23 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds, you are the key player in this win. I had no choice but to perform. Manu (Ginobili) was not playing and Tim (Duncan) was sick (flu-like symptoms), I had to take the responsibilities of putting my teammates in the rhythm. Brent Barry was 5/5 from 3 point range and Devin Brown scored 24. Help came from all directions. One of your objective this season was to become more consistent with your individual performances. Do you believe that have achieved this?It is true that I was very consistent throughout the month of December, scoring 17 points and 6 assists on average. Since early January, I am at 20 points. I must continue like that and need not to worry about it. I must not say to myself: ?That is it, I have attained my goals. ?It is never over; there are always things to do. Now, I must answer to the call for every single match and bring my energy to make this team better than it already is. By doing so, the results, will follow. To the contrary, you are still experiencing some free-throw troubles?/span>Laughs) We do not live in a perfect world?It is rather bizarre. I shoot well now, am confident, but somehow cannot find the good rhythm at the free-throw line. It is either too long or too short, ?in or out ? I know that I am at 65% from the line and that it is not satisfying but I will keep working and it will comeback. When will Manu Ginobili be back ?He should play against the Clippers. Tim Duncan is one of the league’s best player, but he seems to be bit off from his previous years. Do you have any explanations for that ?I think he is simply tired. With the Olympic games, he had to play all summer long and did not really take a break. He is bit hurting as well, his knee and hip are sore. I think he gets by during the regular season and saves his energy for the playoffs. Since Steve Nash was placed on the injurd list, the Suns are on loosing streak. What is your feeling ?It shows that Steve Nash is key to this team. If he does not play, Phoenix is not the same team. You quickly release how good players are when you see them play. When such players are on the bench, the team is lacking something. Having said that, it is too bad we lost against Utah or Houston as we could have been ahead of the Suns. We are only one game away from the lead and as we play them on Friday in Phoenix, we have a chance to take over the first place in the West. The draw for Euro 2005 was on Saturday and France will play Greece, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. What do you think about this draw ?I am quite satisfied. We will have to play well against Slovenia which is a good team. Bosnia is within our reach and we抣l finish with Greece. I think this last game could be key for the first place in the group. It will be very physical. I read something online that they will beat us for sure. We shall see?/p>Beno Udrih told you he will skip this Euro 2005, why ? I did talk to him about this. I started by giving him some s*&$ about Euro 2005, telling him we抣l see each other this summer but he told me he wanted a break as he had not done so for the past six years. Hence he prefers to relax and rest in order to have a good second season with the Spurs. Do you still dream about winning titles with the French national team ?More than ever. Claude Bergeaud (French coach) called me today and is coming to San Antonio in few days so we can discuss the national team.