[PtR] 开放讨论:马刺内容制作人凯特琳·里斯推出全新视频博客

By Jeph Duarte | Pounding The Rock (PtR), 2024-06-24 21:56:35


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圣安东尼奥马刺 的内容制作人凯特琳·里斯(Caitlin Reese) 推出了一个以她进入银黑军团的旅程为主题的视频博客。



@文班 https://t.co/yAbTeRsWJf

— 凯特琳·里斯 (@caitlinrease) 2024 年 5 月 7 日





回答问题并提供进入体育行业的建议 pic.twitter.com/wq1mbz8DfB

— 凯特琳·里斯 (@caitlinrease) 2024 年 6 月 5 日



详细介绍我的体育生涯旅程以及我如何加入@马刺 #你的行业朋友 pic.twitter.com/mpi3dUp9Wt

— 凯特琳·里斯 (@caitlinrease) 2024 年 6 月 12 日


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Open Thread: Spurs content producer Caitlin Rease launches new video blog

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The digital creator shares on how to break into the sports industry

San Antonio Spurs content producer Caitlin Reese has launched a vlog highlighting her journey to the Silver & Black.

If you don’t think you know her work, you are wrong.

probably my favorite project to date

@wemby https://t.co/yAbTeRsWJf

— Caitlin Rease (@caitlinrease) May 7, 2024

She creates so much of the wonderful content that passes through social media.

In her first video, Rease discussed how to break into the sports as a content producer. With so many people out there creating on-line content, getting your portfolio in front of major industries can be quite difficult.

starting a new video series

:bangbang:YOUR FRIEND IN THE INDUSTRY​:bangbang:

answering questions & giving advice on how to break into the sports industry pic.twitter.com/wq1mbz8DfB

— Caitlin Rease (@caitlinrease) June 5, 2024

While advice and inspiration permeate the first installment, episode 2 details her specific path to the Spurs.


detailing my sports career journey & how I got to the @spurs #yourfriendintheindustry pic.twitter.com/mpi3dUp9Wt

— Caitlin Rease (@caitlinrease) June 12, 2024

I am following her on Twitter, and in particular I love anything that makes me feel closer to favorite team. If that is you, I highly recommend you check out her account.

By Jeph Duarte, via Pounding The Rock